Born on July 14, 1970 (Bastille Day) in the state of Minnesota, USA, my destiny for Fance already seemed to have been chosen.

In gradeschool, I loved to write poetry, stories and create « inventions » such as the mega-pizza-maker or the bring-to-life Frankenstein machine. In middle and high school, the educational curriculum convinced me that there were more important things in life, so I stopped drawing and inventing.

When I headed down to Texas for college at the age of 18, I realized that I was free to develop my skills in the art field. Deciding to major in Art History and minor in French, I also enrolled in drawing, sculpture and painting classes. After 7 years of studying in the USA and in France, (Art History diploma in hand, a year of pure torture at the Sorbonne and an art portfolio prepared in Paris) , I was accepted at L’Ecole des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg, specializing in illustration. It was there that I unexpectedly discovered photography.

My passion for the two disciplines has led me to mixing the two techniques, going from narrative images 100% drawn to 100% photographed, depending on the project. Whether illustrating for children or for adults, I encourage readers to see the world differently through a camera lens or through poetic images, with a double meaning or offbeat humor.

After receiving my diploma from Strasbourg in 2000, direction Nice to begin an illustrating career towards the unknown.