Activities to Print

Yona Drawing 1

Relax on the couch with Yona and watch a cartoon! Draw yourself next to her on the couch and decorate it as you please!

Yona Drawing 2

Have a snack with Yona. Draw yourself sitting on the chair which is patiently waiting for you! Have a slice of bread with your favorite jam. Yummy yummy ! How about sharing?

Yona Drawing 3 A,B,C

Cut out Yona and paste her in a drawing entirely made by YOU!
For those who love a challenge, draw yourself playing with Yona:
A - with a ball
B - at hide and seek
C - use your imagination...

Freestyle Drawing 1

Draw the head of this crazy bird smelling the giant flower. Next color it!!

Freestyle Drawing 2

Use this crazy starter drawing to continue drawing all around it!! No rules!! Have fun and color it in the end.

Freestyle Drawing 3

Use this drawing as a starter to inventing a crazy pizza machine! Draw all around it without thinking realistically. Anything goes! Next color it !